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From the shorelines, we glean and gather the raw materials for a basket.

Shells, driftwood, sedges, grasses, pieces of fishing net, flax all go into creating a creative delight.

Also, learn some quick secrets on how to twine flax rope.

Workshop Dates

  • Sunday 28th July
  • Monday 29th July


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Back by popular demand, we have some hedgerow weaving workshops.

These are not to be missed.

From out of the hedge comes the raw materials to create a basket, wreath or tray. 

You will learn how to identify suitable materials from your garden for weaving.

Then you will weave vines and branches from the garden into a centrepiece or decoration.

Using hands-on techniques, you’ll weave your own lovely basket or tray, which you can take home with you.

Workshops Dates

  • Sunday 14th July
  • Monday 15th July
  • Saturday 20th July – Fully Booked
  • Sunday 21st

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What can you create in our leatherwork workshop?

  • Dog leash
  • Horse lead
  • Knife sheath
We have Dave Mangino coming back to the stables for a Leatherwork workshop. 

Dave uses a unique combination of knotting and braiding techniques to create the fastenings for his products.

He’ll share with you how to craft a metal-free leather lead using knotted fastenings — one that will last a lifetime.

  • Sunday 28th July
  • Saturday 19th October


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What a great workshop we had last month. We are running it again in the spring. 

Local artisan Frank Watson will be helping you create two bronze sculptures. 

Your journey will include a detailed exploration of production and finishing techniques.

  • Design
  • Mould making
  • Casting
  • Finishing
  • Patina techniques

It encompasses six days (three weekends) spread between the Forgotten Arts Studio and Frank Watsons Foundry.

No previous experience is required.

Dates – October  12th &13th, 19th & 20th, 26th & 27th.


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Artisan Richard Hare is coming next January to help you create your very own Windsor chair. Using traditional methods and tools you will create a beautiful chair. 

This is a heart and soul experience, a journey of the soul not just building something.

Using ancient tools is an amazing experience and takes you back to when these skills and tools were valued.

Working in symphony with the natural material you will create a chair to be admired.

Plan your summer holidays now!

Find out more by visiting the website.
or call Maureen 021 956 349


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